Welcome to Prepared Beginnings! Our mission is to help you Grow into Your Motherhood. We have a little something for everyone, but our goal is to reach parents who are currently expecting and parents of young children.

With all of the questions and excitement that comes along with having kids is great. It is even better when you have friends to call on for help! That is where we come in! You already have the desire let us help you develop the skills you need to be the Mama you envision!

Breastfeeding and not sure where to start? Wanting to find activities to stimulate your baby or toddler but Pinterest is totally over-saturated with ideas and you just want a few effective and do-able activities? Want to prepare your child for school but you just aren’t sure if you are doing it right?

We have something to offer you in these early years because let’s be honest, life can be a little chaotic. Let us help you sort through your breastfeeding goals, baby engagement, toddler activities, preschool, and pre-kindergarten stress.

Welcome to your Prepared Beginning. -Courtney Sanders M.S.E. & Morgan Jackson BSN, RN, CBS, IBCLC

Watch us grow!! Our Etsy shop will be opening soon! We will also offer prenatal breastfeeding education and early childhood education consulting services in the Greater Kansas City Area! Continue to check out the website for exciting changes! Check out the blog for great resources and Seasonal activity ideas!