Who We Are

I’m Courtney, wife to an incredibly patient man,  Stay at Home Mom of two and early childhood Montessori Guide. I am so excited to share the things I have learned so far being a mother. The world moves fast but in our home we intentionally slow things down.  This isn’t easy and sometimes it’s downright frustrating for me to move at a pace that is suitable for my family. Follow along as we constantly update our Montessori homeschool room and learn how to be more self sustaining. We even have a garden which I must admit is a source of frustration… please send help. Well, that’s all for now. It’s been nice meeting you, see you around the  mother”hood”. 


My name is Morgan, I am the younger sister, a nurse,  a boy mama, and wife to a loving hubby and internationally board certified lactation consultant. Some might say that I am dramatic but I prefer to classify myself as passionate–hey I’m a middle child it’s not my fault! Life for me includes a love for crafting, baking, strolling the aisles of target and a dislike for cleaning the kitchen or doing the laundry. As co-creater of Mamahood in a Nutshell I want to welcome you to the crazy we call life!

I am learning how to juggle time with my son and hubby all while working part-time at a local hospital. I love working as a nurse but I love being a mama even more, finding a life-work balance has been hard but it has forced me to be more organized and way more flexible. Being intentional with the time I spend with my family means we turn the little moments we have together into big fun!

As a lactation nurse I am always searching for solid information to share, I think that it is important that mama’s are as informed as possible because our kiddos depend on us to take the best care of them possible. I may not be able to diagnose, treat, or prescribe but I can educate, advocate, and encourage you, and believe me that can go a long way. I hope to become a board certified lactation consultant soon! My breastfeeding journey has fueled a desire to help other mama’s reach their nursing goals. It will take some time to earn my certification but I will be sharing lots of tips, resources, and info along the way.

Our blog is a window into our lives, I hope you stay a while and get to know us.

-XO Morgan