5 Nature Activities for Toddlers

May is here!! That means warm weather and a lot more sunshine here in the Midwest! If your family is anything like mine, then, most of your time lately is being spent outdoors—in nature. Nature walks, bike rides, picnics and the like. It has been great spending more time outside exploring nature. This post will list 5 nature activities that you may not have consider or even heard of! Enjoy!

Several moths ago I started a hashtag called #citynaturekids the idea behind it is this: ANYONE CAN ENJOY AND EXPLORE NATURE, EVEN KIDS WHO LIVE IN THE CITY! Rural areas are great, but lets be honest I don’t always feel like driving 40+ minutes to get to a berry patch, a farm, or lake. I would much rather explore nature where I live, in a urban, busy, loud neighborhood.

Nature is all around us and you don’t have to live on a farm to experience it! Just step outside your door, I bet you can find butterflies, native trees, worms, snakes, birds, and cool rocks all within your yard! If you live in an apartment complex, that is NOT an excuse to not go out and seek out nature. Sure living in a place with no yard or limited greenspace is a barrier, but I bet there are still trees, flowers, bushes, fountains, and parks nearby.

Nature walks are a simple and easy way to explore without a ton of prep-work and planning. Paved neighborhood trails are a great place to start. I know nature centers are closed right now but many have trails and creeks that are still open. Check websites before you head out just in case your area has different closures and restrictions. If you are looking to do something outside of a nature walk check out the resources below! I have linked Pinterest post I do not claim any rights to these ideas!

5 Nature Activity Ideas!

1. Skipping Rocks

Apparently there is a science to skipping rocks correctly! Check out this infographic from REI that provides step-by-step instructions! I’ve never been able to skip a rock across a creek or pond. Sounds like a fun Summer challenge to me!

2. Make a Bird Feeder

Colorful birds are so fun to watch! We used to make bird feeder by covering pines cones with peanut butter and then rolling in bird seed! Anyone else do that in the 90’s?? Pinterest has so many ideas from using pip cleaners covered in cheerios to filling an orange peel with bird seed!

3. Ice Cubes Filled with Flowers

If you are looking for inspiration on how to create nature filled ice cubes check out this post Water Painting Flower Ice Cubes by Toddler At Play

4. Snail & Slug Hunt

Do you have kids that like slimy critters? Then this is the hunt for them! The other day we went on a walk and found some tiny but very cool snails along the walking trail. It turned into a game seeing who could find the most snails. Beware: Toddlers and preschoolers will try and kill the snails by stepping on them, throwing them, and smashing them.

This post by Preschool Powol Packets has tons of education material on snails perfect for your young learner, she even walks you through how to create a snail habitat!

5. Make Mud Pies

Mud Pies can get pretty elaborate check out this fun post by B-Inspired Mama ! She and her kids had a blast getting messy and making mud pies in the back yard. This is also a good option if you have a patio or a porch but not a ton of yard space.

Have fun this May exploring nature! Tag us in your posts @preparedbeginnings and use our hashtag #citynaturekids

XOXO- Morgan

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