Birthing Plans: Why They are Important and How to Use One Effectively

If you are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant soon then you have probably thought about how you want childbirth experience to be. Some women dream of a serene home birth surrounded by loved ones, a doula, and midwife. Others may desire a birthing center where you are in and out after delivery and able to recover at home. There are mama’s looking forward to a hospital birth where every stage can be closely monitored and they have the support of a medical team. However you envision your birth is up to you! But having a birthing plan can help guide the process a little more. Birth plans help you to answer questions when changes arise, or help your birthing partner voice your choices for you if you are unable to. Birthing plans help you to organize your thoughts and guide decisions.

Birth & Breastfeeding Plans Give You A Solid Place To Start When Planning For Your Delivery

With all of the constantly changing policies at hospitals due to the COVID-19 pandemic more and more families need to start having open conversations about their birth plans. It is important to keep in contact with your health care provider whether that is a OB/GYN or midwife so that you know what to expect when it is time to deliver. Equally important will be understanding your rights as a patient and as a birthing mother. Ask lots of questions, don’t be afraid to seek out clarification if you do not understand what is happening. Your birth matters, your birth experience is important.

Giving birth during a pandemic doesn’t have to be chaotic or traumatic! Start having open conversations about your expectations and desires now.

While there will be things that you cannot control, at least understanding what will be occurring at the hospital or birthing center you will feel included and confident in the process. I have created a comprehensive birth and breastfeeding plan for you and your birthing partner(s) to explore. The purpose behind a birthing plan is not to create a contract or a must-happen plan but to understand different options. Discussed what your ideal birth would be and back-up plans if something changes. Giving birth doesn’t always go as planned, most times than naught it is a little different than what we would have chosen for ourselves and our baby. But that is okay! What matters most is safe and healthy mama and baby!

A birthing plan is not a contract. It is a guide to spark meaningful conversation about your delivery! Be informed and understand your options!

Read the instructions for the guide first then take a few days and go over the content. Speak with those involved in your delivery process. Things may have to be moved around now that COVID-19 has many hospitals limiting visitors and shortening stays. Think about what will work for you and go from there. The last page of the birthing plan is all about the 4th trimester and your recovery. Don’t skimp on taking care of yourself. Pandemic or no pandemic your healing and emotional well being are vital.

Use which ever version works best for you! I know that everyone does not have access to a printer right now so the digital download is a fillabel PDF that will allow you to make selections and write on your guide from your phone or laptop!

Happy planning! I would love to know how this guide works for you! feel free to email me or hit me up on social media! You can find me @preparedbeginningslactation on instagram!

-XOXO Morgan

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