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30+ Sensory Easy Sensory Activities

Creating Sensory Activities at Home

If you are looking for ways to entertain your baby or young child consider creating a sensory bin or bag for your child. The beauty about sensory activities is you are using material that you already have at home!

Several of the ideas on the spreadsheet below include non-food items! I understand that many of us are under financial strain and it is important to preserve our funds and pantry staples! Use what you have at home don’t try and buy anything new unless it is within your budget. Think outside of the box! If you are looking for inspiration I have saved several sensory bin ideas on THIS PINTEREST BOARD!

If you are wondering how to use sensory toys then check out these tips: Sensory bags are awesome for tummy time, they can be placed on the high chair trays to stimulate an older baby. And are perfect for introducing colors, numbers, animals, seasons, weather, and more! If your child has a favorite book try creating a sensory bin inspired by the book!

I have created a spreadsheet with 30+ sensory bag ideas. I have broken item into 3 categories these areas will help you create and customize your sensory play!

1. The Base

BASE: This will be the foundation of your sensory bag and the item the main filler for your bin/bag. Typically a base is something like, water, foam, dry beans or dry rice.

2. The Add-ins

ADD-INs: Think of these as sensory bin/bag enhancers this is what is going to keep your child engaged. Oftentimes add-ins will follow a particular theme such as: Spring, purple, construction, unicorns, etc. My advice when it comes to add-in are keep it simple at first, choose items that can be cleaned and re-used easily.

3. Tools

TOOLS: These are items that allow your child to really engage in the sensory bin. Choose items that are as creative or straight forward as you would like! You can even let your child pick out tools that they think will help them to explore the sensory bin!

This is one of the first sensory bags I ever made. It was just water and food coloring! He loved watching the food coloring swirl around!

This doesn’t have to be fancy or hard. But don’t be afraid to tap into your inner creative! You can get as intricate as you would like! There are countless ideas on Pinterest and Instagram!

HAPPY SENSORY PLAY!!! We would love to see all of the activities that you come up with! Tag us in your IG posts @mamahoodinanutshell !

Talk to ya soon! –Morgan

Sensory Bin Ideas by mamahoodinanutshell

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