What I’ve Learned From 48 hrs. of Social Distancing

Lessons from a mom who like everyone else is just tryna make it out here!

Hey y’all! We made it through day two of social distancing! How are you feeling? I hope you and your kids and your family are still hanging in there! I am going to keep this post brief because we all have a lot going on. But I wanted to share a few lessons that I have learned since being home for the majority of the last 48hrs. Social distancing is a little more intense than I imagined it would be. But there have been some good things happening in my house as a result!

Lesson #1

I really like to socialize. Like way more than I thought. I like to categorize myself as an introvert but I honestly I’m already mourning the loss of play dates, meet-ups and our usual errands. Thank goodness for social media! I have loved connecting with new and old friends!

Lesson #2

I’m not really good at setting a schedule. I was really determined to set a schedule for how our day was going to run! I even shared on IG that I would post a sample schedule. Well guess what? We are just going with the flow! I am used to staying at home with my son as I work part-time. But we usually spend most of our time exploring

Lesson #3

It is a privilege to work in healthcare. No matter what happens in the world. I will still be able to go to work and take care of others. I have the gift of witnessing new life and working with women and their brand new babies! So despite the appeal that working from home has, I am thankful that I can go to work and witness the miracle of life.

Lesson #4

Spending time with my spouse during the day is AH-Mazin! I thought it would be hard for the 3 of us to share 1,000 sq.ft. all-day-long but honestly its really refreshing to see my hubby all day long!

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So these are the four things I learned so far! What about you?

Growth in Motherhood is what we are all about here at Prepared Beginnings. I think we all have an opportunity for growth while we have this time of quarantine at home. Please be safe, stay informed, but don’t overwhelm yourself with new and media.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you’ve learned so far about yourself!

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