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Boredom Busters for Children

Well depending on when you are reading this the world is topsy turvy right now. COVID19 has forced many of us to spend time away from friends and family. With schools, libraries, museums and restaurants closed life has become very different. With that being said we’ve created a list of fun and low cost activities that you can do with your children in your home.

We realize that sometimes you just run out of things to do. Our hope is that these boredom busters keep your children engaged. I say engaged because to simply entertain a child will soon lend itself to boredom. The expectation of entertainment is that  someone or something  performs and the child has a passive role. We want the child to have the active role in all of these activities.  Our activities engage children and invite them to experience, learn, teach and create in their world.  So let us begin to engage and stop entertaining these young and capable minds. 

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