Things We Love Tuesday: Toxic Free Nail Polish

Making a little time for yourself can be hard! I used to get manicures and pedicures ALL THE TIME! then I became a mama and I just no longer have time! Sound Familiar?

I started using non-toxic nail polish a couple of years ago. I am totally one of those semi-crunchy mama’s that reads the ingredients on everything and tries to be as health conscious as I can. Yes I receive E.W.G. emails and have stopped purchasing several name brand items after learning about healthier & eco-friendly options. This post however isn’t really about being a crunchy mama, it is about my love for nail polish!

It has been such a long time since I painted my nails, and I was so excited to try out my new polish by Defy & Inspire! I recently discovered this brand at target and purchased colors, Beach Bum which is a magenta-pink with glitter and New Friends a shimmery metallic silver.

Defy & Inspire caught my eye because it does not contain 9 of the most well known toxins that are in MOST nail polish! WOW! I love knowing that what I put in and ON my body is not going to be harmful.

Wondering what these toxins are? Check out this blog post I wrote the Summer before last about choosing chemical free nail polish.

BEACH BUM By Defy & Inspire

Painting my nails was a total chance to have a little bit of me time, without leaving the house. I love being able to relax at home with my hubby and son handing out in the next room. To me self-care is not about pushing everyone away. Self care is a chance to slow down and do something you enjoy, sometimes by yourself and sometimes with others. If painting your nails sounds fun and relaxing to you drop a comment below !

-Thanks for reading and happy Tuesday,


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