Christmas Cookies and More: a 7 recipe guide

Find your new favorite Christmas Cookies and Chocolate-y sweet treats perfect for gifting to friends and family!

Christmas cookies and treats, what a yummy heartfelt gift! This year we are gifting baked goods to family and friends as special gift. I love baking all year round but there is just something special about making Christmas cookies! I try and have homemade sweets in the house because we don’t buy store made desserts. Due to my gluten intolerance it is just easier to make baked goods at home! For the purpose of this blog post I do want to mention that the majority of the recipes I’m sharing are NOT gluten free. Since they are to gift to family and friends. I will however make a small batch of gluten free friendly treats for friends and family with celiac disease! Growing up I loved to bake, mainly cakes, but cookies have a special place in my heart as well. If you are wanting to make Christmas cookies but don’t want to spend time flipping through cook-books or scanning Pinterest then use this list as a guide! I am sharing the recipes that I will be using this weekend to do all of my Christmas baking.

Who Do You Want To Bake For…

Hopefully everyone’s taste-buds will be tickled by the variety of treats. I tried to stick to a theme of festive, chocolate, sweet, and delicious! I mean who doesn’t love a good cookie! And for those who would rather have something else, I am also making peppermint bark pretzels, pecan turtles, and Christmas pretzel hugs. The pecan turtles are for my Dad and other family members. My dad really likes chocolate turtles and growing up we would always make him special treats for his birthday. It has been years since I baked something special for him. I thought why not close out this year with a family favorite. Also I’m baking for my co-workers, church family, a couple of neighbors, and my extended family! Who are you baking for?

First Get Organized…

My goal is to grocery shop Friday morning before I go to work. I hoping that I will the bulk of the shopper this way. Earlier in the week I put my shopping list together, decided which stores I would go to and set a budget. I also decided who would receive what type of dessert and how I would present the cookies and treats. I am going to use a combination of cookie tins and treat bags. If you like the classic look of cookie tins then you need to visit your local Dollar Tree, I found sturdy tins with cute ad colorful holiday designs and the best part is they were only $1.00! Rather than having my computer or phone close by to have the recipes, I decided to go old school and printed off the recipes for each goody that I am making. That way I am decreasing screen time and starting a cookie recipe collection at the same time!

Then Let’s Get Baking…

This Saturday is my designated baking day. I want to be able to pass out treats on Sunday morning at church. The only thing I am not going to make are the treats for Christmas Day. I am going to wait until Christmas Eve to bake the items going over to the homes of my parents and M-I-L. Although I love baking from scratch this year I just do not have the time to make several different types of cookies and dessert, let alone the kitchen space! In an effort to save time I am making cake-batter cookies. Can we say YUMMMYY!!!! Cake batter cookies are also budget friendly, because I won’t have to buy so many ingredients. Most of the recipes I cam across consistent of 1 box of cake mix, 2 eggs, and oil. Very simply, yet so delicious!

Okay So Here Are The Recipes I Found…

I am not using any original recipes, these have all been found on Pinterest and I will link below to the blogs and websites they originated from! If you love a good recipe then follow Prepared Beginnings on Pinterest! Courtney and I are always pinning something tasty!

Okay y’all that is my list of Christmas cookies! It consists of seven items that sound so delicious I might start baking tonight! I would love to know if you end up trying any of these recipes! Leave us a comment below if you do!!! Happy Baking and Merry Christmas!

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