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Winter Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature is such an amazing and beautiful wonder to explore! There is always something new to look at, something lovely to smell, a cool bug to learn about, or an amazing plant to investigate! We have taken to exploring nature lately. By making it a point to get outside and explore the world around us! Nature is everywhere you go and just because we live in the city doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy it! Nature trails, nature centers, arboretums, and discovery centers have been out hang out spots this past month! Learning about nature and conservation has really opened up a new world for us! If you are excited about nature or even curious about starting a nature study with your kiddos then this post is for you!

Looking for a little outdoor inspiration?

If you are wanting to get outside but unsure of where to start, I suggest starting with a simple nature walk. Nothing fancy, start by exploring your own neighborhood, you would be surprised what birds, bugs, and plants live right in your own zip code!

Nature centers are also great places! Packed with resources, books, cool animals, aquariums, and wildlife experts, nature centers are a haven for families who are itching to learn more about nature. Many nature centers offer free animal chats, storytimes, and activities both during the week and the weekend. If you have a homeschool group you can probably book a private class to learn about a particular subject!

Nature Walk Motivation

If getting out of the house to explore the cold sounds like a good idea to you then you are our kind of people!!! Being stuck in the house is the worst! Not only do you run out of games and activities to do but the snacks seem to run out twice as fast! So we’ve established that you want to get out of the house. The next step is, finding something to do once you are outside. Let’s just say you are going to visit a nearby park that has a trail. I am going to invite you to go on a nature walk! No supplies or special equipment required. Just bundle up, wear adequate shoes, and make sure you have on proper outwear. If you are looking for ideas on warm clothing I started a nature exploration themed Pinterest board click here to follow it!

So as we kick off our Winter segment of nature exploration I wanted to create something that would engage the entire family! I have created a simple and fun Winter themed nature scavenger hunt! I hope that you will join us on an outdoor adventure as we search for animal tracks, frozen bugs, and more! Just simply hit the download button below to print off your Winter nature scavenger hunt!!!

Download Your Scavenger Hunt Below!

Join us on a virtual nature walk by using hashtag #citynaturekids ! We would love to see your outdoor adventures!!! Thanks so much for reading this mama!! And welcome back to our blog! We are beyond excited for what’s in store!!! Happy exploring friends!

This article was written by Morgan Jackson, co-creater of Prepared Beginnings, LLC.

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