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Let’s Get Moving: Scooters, Trikes, and More

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Summer time means lots of outdoor fun, and we are hitting the pavement with toys that GO! My son is always on the run, he has more energy than I can even comprehend! Lucky for me he has a couple of toys that keep him moving fast and burning energy! Toys that last through the years are always favorites among parents and when my son was gifted a Radio Flyer tricycle for his first birthday, I knew he would only enjoy it more as the months went on. Well, as predicted he has had a blast rolling around in his trike! Today on the Things We Love Tuesday IGTV Segment I showed off our scooter and shared why we love his radio flyer trike so make sure you check it out!! Let’s get moving y’all. Read on to learn about our favorite scooter, trikes, and more!

You See Me Rollin’

My son loves riding scooter! He learned how to ride by watching his big cousin zoom around, eventually he stepped on and took off all on his own! My nephew graciously shared his scooter and my little guy could not get enough! My parents picked up on his attraction to scooters and purchased an extra scooter to keep at their house for when the kids are over. Seeing him riding around and everyone’s home made us realize….we need to get him his own scooter!!! So a few weeks ago we purchased my son this Little Tikes Scooter. As a surprise we assembled it (which took 3 minutes) and left it in the hallway so that when he woke up and opened his bedroom door it would be the first thing he saw. It was so cute to watch him riding his scooter around the house with a huge smile on his face.

The little tikes scooter has already been on the Berkeley Riverfront Park along the Missouri River, Black Wall Street in Tulsa, OK, and along the Arkansas River in Tulsa, OK! Hopefully this scooter takes my son on lots of adventures. I love that his scooter will grown with him. As he learns how to lean into the scooter he will be able to turn smoothly. I love how he is able to ride safely and control the scooter even at such a young age. The handles bars do not adjust which is the only con for me. The scooter has two wheels in the front providing more support for young riders, it also has a brake on the rear wheel. The bright colors makes it easily identifiable! In my books this is the best first scooter.

Pedal To The Metal

Ever since he was gifted his tricycle my son has loved riding around in his deluxe radio flyer tricycle. Now that he is almost 2 he is able to reach the pedals and is learning how to control the tricycle himself. It is so cute hearing him ask if he can go outside and push around his “bike”. He prefers to push it around, throw his cup in the cup holder, and stash snacks in the bin that is attached to the back. The deluxe style tricycle grows with your child. It easily converts to accommodate older infants to preschool age children which is pretty cool. From what I’ve hear the assembly takes quiet some time and requires the use of a hammer and other tools. However it is easy to adjust and remove extra features that your child outgrows. We don’t take the tricycle out and about with us but it is great to take around the block or a quick walk down to the park. I would suggest using it in an area with flat sidewalks. We have run into issues in our neighborhood as the sidewalks are old and crumbling.

All in all we have a few favorite toys! But there are tons of amazing scooters, bikes and of course safety equipment out there! Here are other products that we enjoy or have seen in action!

Safety Gear

My nephew’s favorite scooter! He loves the light up wheels!

Well mama, thanks for reading! I hope that you enjoy cruising around with your little this summer! Be sure to tag us in your Instagram posts using #summerfunwithtoddlers we would love to follow along with your adventures! Please like, share, comment, and subscribe!