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Potty Training-ish

My son is quickly approaching 2 years of age. He really enjoys playing with trucks, cars, trains, and balls. He loves running around in the backyard and is learning how to pedal his tricycle up and down the sidewalk. Another thing that has really caught his interest is going to the POTTY! Let me tell you mama, just typing the words potty training gives me anxiety! I’m not going to lie, I would rather change his diaper for another 6 months before I potty train. Or so I thought. You see the root of my anxiety really stems from the fact that I HATE public restrooms. My bladder has to be on the verge of busting before I use one. But I had to take a step back and realize that potty training is just a part of the toddler years. He doesn’t know that public restrooms are littered with thousands of germs waiting to jump onto his skin! Potty training was stressing me out, until I realized something. Trying to hold him back from potty training only hinders his growth and dampers his self confidence. My personal anxieties about going to the bathroom (in public) shouldn’t be passed on to him! So this blog post is going to share how we are potty training-ish our son!

I would hate for my personal stresses or quirks to hold him back. Projecting my personal worries about potty training onto my son just had to stop ( I know I’m being hard on myself). The more we practice going to the bathroom the easier it has gotten, for the both of us! He is so proud of himself when he makes it to the toilet in time and I love seeing his huge grin of satisfaction! Potty training is NOT as stressful as I was making it out to be. Messy? yup! Kinda gross? sure! Inconvenient at times? absolutely! But it is also a MAJOR milestone and a huge accomplishment for our kiddos!

There is so much pressure to potty train early or potty train overnight. There are books, Youtube videos, and endless tips and tricks. This post is not about how to potty train the fastest or the earliest. It is is simply one mama telling another mama to hang in there, to be excited, to pay attention to your child’s signals. Encouragement is seriously the motivation behind this post.

Getting your child to go may be way easier or much more difficult than you imagined, but either way it will all work out in the end. I encourage you to find what ever method works for you and go for it! As their mama you know your children inside and out. So watching their cues will be imperative. Use reward systems, a special song or dance or whatever keeps your child motivated to make potty training as fun and natural as possible!

The Science Behind It All

It is actually pretty cool to see your child listen to their bodies and respond when their bladder and bowels send a signal to their brain that says “EMPTY ME”! The sympathetic and somatic neurogenic pathways responsible for bladder function is quite amazing. Once full the bladder afferent neurons then send a signal up the spinal cord and into the brain which tells us….I have to PEE!! Usually bladder control begins to forms around 24-30 months of age. According to Johns Hopkins University most children are ready to potty train around 27 months.

Rushing your child to potty train will never work. Waiting until they show you that they are ready is the best way to prevent meltdowns (I’m talking about mommy meltdowns). I knew my son was ready to start potty training when he began patting his diaper and making eye contact as if to say, “I’m wet”. Then he began pulling his pants down on his own, now he takes his diaper off and heads to the bathroom.

My “Method” To Potty Training

Keep your cleaning supplies handy, along with lots of back-up outfits, diaper wipes, and diapers/pull-ups. I’ve heard of parents using watches, songs, and other ways to remind their child to go. I’ve chosen the more old fashioned route. In the morning when he wakes up I take off his diaper and he goes to sit on the potty. We chucked the little potty due to have a teeny-tiny bathroom and now his seat rests on top the regular toilet seat. I thought about setting up station around the house, but that just seemed very cumbersome for us. So about every hour or so when we are home I ask him if he needs to pee-pee if he says yes then we run to the bathroom if he says no I change his diaper so that he can get used to having a primarily dry diaper. However he is great about prompting me and saying when he has to go.

As I said above this is the “method” currently working for us, as he gets older and is able to detect when he has to go a little bit better we will probably do something like the 3 day method, but he will have to show me a few more signs he is ready before we do that. right now he is getting oriented and learning about what goes on in the bathroom. He spends lots of time observing and he of course wants to flush the toilet and play in the sink when he is supposed to be washing his hands. If he asks me to go to the potty we run for it, but on days he doesn’t mention it, either do I. My approach may seem super relaxed, and that’s because it is. One day we will kick it up a notch, today we are taking it slow. It is like one of those couch to 5K programs. We are starting off walking but soon we will take off running!

Potty Training Is Not For The Faint Of Heart….But You Will Survive!

I want my son to be in-tune with his body and listen to what it is saying to him. So my approach to potty training has been a little more carefree. I don’t want to rush him if he is not ready yet. I am not saying that my way is the best way. It is simply what is working currently for my family!

Potty training takes dedication and patience. You will have to coach your child and remind them of when and how to go. But I know you can do it mama! Plus think of the end result, a confident and potty trained child and no more diapers!!So what is my point in all this? What is the take away? I want you to know you don’t have to be fearful of potty training. It will happen when it happens. It will be a transition for the entire family. It will be OK.

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Well Mama, as always thank you for reading! Please Like, share, and comment. Happy Potty Training!!!

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