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Summer Rainy Day Plans in Kansas City

Let’s face it, sometimes it rains and kind of ruins your big plans. Well to prevent that from happening this Summer we’ve put together a Summer Rainy Day list of things to do in our town, (Kansas City, Missouri). Many of these activities are free but a few have cost. 


Our museum of choice this Summer will be Wonderscope Museum, the membership is an investment that makes sense for our family. The kids were thrilled with each exhibit and Wonderscope has plans to build a state-of-the-art facility later this year (2019).          



            Model Trains at Union Station

            Free Exhibits at Crown Center

            KidScape at Johnson Country Museum

            Nelson Atkins Junior Jaunts (stroller tour every 3rd Friday)


To be honest, I have to give myself a tiny pep talk every time I get ready to take my toddler to the library. But the libraries on this list are exceptional and invite children to play and play loudly if they’d like.

Central Library (Downtown Kansas City, Missouri)

Monitcello Library

F.L. Schlagle Library and Environmental Learning Center (overlooks Wyandotte Lake. Turtles, lizards and more are inside for children to observe.)

Nature Centers

You can still feel like you’re outside while staying inside. Nature centers are a great way to see animals in a different setting. These close encounters with nature are memorable for children and adults alike.

Burr Oaks Nature Center (Blue Springs, MO)

Lakeside Nature Center (Kansas City, MO near the Zoo)

Ernie Miller Nature Center (Olathe, Kansas)


Here are our no cost and low cost indoor choices. Scheels offers carnival like entertainment for kiddos complete with an indoor ferris wheel, shooting range and bowling. Kaw Prairie has been our go to for morning duldrums. The kids can run nonstop in the gym and you can bring your own riding toys. There is also a play place area for kids to run and slide to their heart’s content.

            Scheels (ferris wheel, play area, bowling for children)

            Kaw Prairie Free Play (open gym, bring your own riding toys, also has indoor play place. Cafe is open as well.                         Monday-Thursday 9:00-12:30)

            $1 Movies at Regal Cinema (morning and matinee movies for kids)

At Home

Let your child’s imagination loose on your home. This is the perfect opportunity to  impress your kids with your fort building skills. If building isn’t your thing pop some popcorn, make some s’mores and watch a funny movie. Some of my favorite Summer throwbacks are “It Takes two”, “Parent Trap”  and “Heavyweights”.

            Build a fort/tent

            Watch movies and make popcorn                 

            Indoors s’mores (can’t tell you have many times I did this as a kid…gas stoves are the best, lol)

Plan in advance and you can sail through a rainy day and create wonderful memories along the way.

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