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Summer Survival Guide: Stay at Home Mom edition

SO Summer is here! Or almost here. Some of your friends are so excited because school is out and it’s time for vacation mode. But what is a stay at home mom to make of this? Because to be honest summer is kind of the same as the rest of the year for me. So this summer I’m really going to work hard to make it FEEL like SUMMER for me and the kids. This means pool (splash park) days,  staying up late (maybe like 9:00pm) and eating popsicles until our tongues freeze.

                Welcome to a STAY At HOME MOM’s guide to SUMMER BREAK

1. Research and Schedule

Okay so I realize that SUMMER and SCHEDULE are words that should never appear in the same sentence. But hear me out. I’m saying that it helps to know what is available to do in your town and when. There’s nothing worse than hearing or finding out about the COOLEST thing ever after it already happened. So find out what is happening and talk with your kids about what they want to do this summer.

  • Road Trips
  • Vacation
  • Downtime at Home
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Zoos
  • Parks
  • Movies
  • Downtime at Home

Summer gets busy FAST so decide what’s most important to your family and get it on your calendar.

Buy Summer Stuff NOW

Ok now is the time to buy your summer gear. Don’t wait until the night before your first outing to check your inventory. Trust me, I thought I had a swimsuit for my daughter and the morning of our splash park visit I discovered it was a size too small (drops head in shame). So of course we had to make a Target run, which is never a bad thing, and grab her a new suit. I’ve since purchased 2 so that I’m ready for whatever. This is my list of summer gear.



Swimsuits and Trunks

Insect repellant

Sun glasses (and backup glasses)


Water bottles

Ice packs

Lunch boxes/Coolers


First Aid Kit

Create a Daily Schedule

Once again I know the words SCHEDULE and SUMMER are mortal enemies. But check this out. You may not want to schedule a super fun late night s’mores bash and then wake up early the next morning to pick blueberries. So a schedule is helpful. Also if you live somewhere with unpredictable weather, (ahem, Kansas City), you better have a rainout plan.

Below you will find our daily rhythm/ schedule for Summer days. Typically these activities begin in the morning. I don’t know about you but I just love to get up and get going. We have better attitudes in the morning in my home so this is the best time for us to do something. Afternoons are reserved for naps and playing in the backyard.

As usual, I hope you found these ideas helpful. Enjoy your Summer. 

What are Your Summer Plans?

Leave a comment below telling us your Summer plans. 

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