Book Organization Ideas for Children’s Books

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We LOVE reading books at our house! Since my baby shower we have gradually developed our children’s book library. My son has a wide variety of books and I am always finding new ways to organize his books. There are so many fun ways to organize children’s books Pinterest is flooded with ideas! I thought I would narrow down a few ways. Read on to see how we like to display books for easy access.

Currently I am using 3 different style totes to store my sons books. I’ve included pictures of two of the styles below. He has books in the living room, playroom, and his bedroom. Each tote has a selection of board books, indestructible books, and interactive books. He seems to be drawn to large board books and his favorite book by far is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! I really enjoy watching him flip through the pages and seeing his face light up as he explores the bright illustrations.

Four reasons I use totes to store children’s books are:

  1. Easy Access
  2. Portability
  3. Can Be easily tucked away
  4. Easy to match with home decor

We have a cube storage system in the playroom which makes it easy to store the totes at the end of the day. About every other week I try and go through the books and swap them out. There are a few books that he really enjoys and I always make sure those are available.

The gray totes fit perfectly into our cube storage system. I really like the woven design and the neutral color goes well with our home decor. The handles allow my son to easily pull these totes off the bottom shelf of the shelving unit. He simply flips through and selects a book. The sea-foam green tote below is usually housed in the living room. There are a few books for the little one as well as my magazines! We enjoy reading together and this tote encourages reading at anytime!

Other ways to store/display children’s books…..

Courtney uses picture display shelves to display books fr your littles! I think this is a fabulous idea and plan on incorporating something similar in my sons room. This display allows several books to be seen at once allowing your child to explore their options. It is also a great way to organize books by themes such a holidays, seasons, or learning modules.

Another great way to display books is using a shelf! Having interactive object to bring a story to life can transform story time. This open display also encourages child led learning!

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