Diaper Bags You Should Own: Our Top 3 Diaper Bags

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If you follow us on Instagram then you know that every Tuesday we share some of our favorite products for home, baby, or mama. This week on the Mamahood in a Nutshell lifestyle Instagram account we are featuring a few of our Top 3 Diaper Bags!

Things We Love Tuesday: Top 3 Diaper Bags Edition

I love each of our diaper bags for different reasons. Read on to learn why…..

1. The Backpack Diaper Bag

So our go to diaper bag for about the first year of parenthood was the Bag Nation Diaper bag! It is sleek, lightweight, has TONS of pockets, and comes with a wet dry bag! I found this bag on Amazon and after reading several positive reviews purchased it! My husband and I both use this diaper bag which I think is a huge plus. I love the indigo interior that makes everything easy to find. I really love this diaper bag and when ours suffered some damage from all the use the brand replaced it for FREE! Yes girl! They offer a lifetime warranty !!! If you are looking for a diaper backpack that doesn’t strain your shoulders, that has tons of storage and is very versatile then check out Bag Nation.

Perfect for Mama and Papa

2. The Purse Diaper Bag

My second favorite diaper bag is fairly new! It is seriously so pretty it looks like a designer purse!! I actually found it in the children’s section at Homegoods!!! The cashier was shocked that it was a diaper bag and kept complimenting me on my cute purse!! Now that my son is almost 2 years old we don’t carry around as many items, just the essentials. Carrying around fewer items, meant I could finally get the cute diaper bag I had been craving! Plus I like feeling girly sometimes and like to carry a purse! Tons of storage, beautiful exterior, gorgeous lining, and what I loved most was that it:

A) zipped

B) has feet so it doesn’t get gross on the bottom or fall over

C) has long straps perfect for my long arms and torso

I’ve left a link below to purchase this bag on Amazon. I have the tan color but the black is sleek and looks like a designer tote bag!!!

Pretty & Practical

3. The Toddler “Pack-Pack”

Now that my son is almost 2 I figured it was time to get him his very first backpack or “pack-pack” as he calls it! I had actually been looking for about 2 months before I came across the perfect size bag and at the right price! Being that I am on a fairly strict budget I did not want to spend a ton of money (>$20.00) on a bag that was going to get dirty, damaged, and destroyed by my heavy duty toddler.

As I was strolling through the aisles of Burlington, looking for a baby shower gift, when I saw an entire display of tiny little backpacks. I was so excited! There were a few options in my price range and they all had unique designs that were sure to stand out! Finally, I settled on an Air Jordan toddler backpack that my son absolutely LOVES. It hold his diapers, wipes, snacks, water bottle, and a few toys. there are 2 compartments, a smaller pouch where the hand-sani and lotion are stored. And a larger compartment where his essentials are kept. Sorry that I could not find the listing on Amazon! However, I will leave a few links to items that are similar in style and size!

Fun Design

Great for a preschooler

Durable and Adorable

So there you have it! My favorite diaper bags plus a few more options!!! If you are looking for a new diaper bag I highly recommend either the Bag Nation or the Little Unicorn brands!! Happy Tuesday Mama and thanks for following along on our crazy journey!!

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