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Monday Motivation: Starting At Home First

I almost let Monday get the best of me! But at 7pm when I was crossing over the Heart of America Bridge looking over the Missouri River, watching the sun tuck behind the Kansas plains I gained a sudden blast of energy! During my drive to Target I thought about the goals that I set for 2019. I also thought about how I have halfheartedly been working towards them. So many excuses have flown out of my mouth, “I’m tired”, “I can’t do it all”, “It’s hard being a working mom”. Now, while all of those statements are true, that negative mindset has been holding me back! Read on for some Monday Motivation!

Today I realized that while I have been ultra tired these past few weeks, it’s time for a change. I don’t want to go another day being exhausted. Have you ever felt so tired of being tired that you just decide in your mind that you will no longer be tired? That’s the point where I am today. Fed up to the point that I am now, fully motivated and ready to get to work!

Let’s Motivate Each Other

If you are wanting to start a new project, get more organized, begin meal prepping, or even just keep your house clean start today! As mama’s we talk about the need for “self-care” so much. But what does that really mean? I know for me, having a spa day isn’t so relaxing when I have to come home to a messy house! So I am choosing to take care of home first, as my form of self-care! That means, taking care of my body, keeping the house clean and organized, going to bed earlier, keeping better track of our finances, preparing healthy meals, reading my Bible daily, and spending as much time with my son and husband as possible! The people that truly motivate me to do better are within the four walls I call home. So I am starting at home first!

Thinking about what motivates you? Share it with me in a comment below and lets work on taking better care of ourselves and those who motivate us together!



If you are wondering how to set achievable goals check out our blog post on goal setting. If you are too tired to even start planning read our post Dear Mama here because you are doing the best you can and that says a lot! And if you are struggling with letting your husband help you at home so that you all can actually manage things in a healthy way click here.

Well Happy Monday Mama! As always thanks for reading, please comment, share, and subscribe!

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