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Changing Seasons Montessori Cards

The weather is finally changing and we could not be more ready for Spring. It has been a long, cold, snowy winter and we are moving on from that yuckiness.

In preparation for the changing seasons we have been working with our Montessori season cards. 

4 Seasons

The work includes cards for all of the seasons. My son really enjoyed looking at the Summer cards. He kept asking me when we could go outside and play with water balloons. 

Self Correcting

There are 6 photo cards in each category. Sonny could easily see if he had mismatched the cards according to the number for cards in each column. This work reinforces counting, columns, rows and categories. Each cards’ brilliant colors invites children to imagine and discuss seasonal activities. I included familiar and unfamiliar activities so that my son would be challenged. 

Enjoy this download and use it in your home or classroom! 

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