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March Mathness Dominoes

I saw this cool #marchmathness challenge on Instagram and I thought “hey, we have some cool math work that I could tag.” So here is a fun, engaging way to use dominoes with your preschooler. 

Our First Printable

This domino template is actually the first printable we’ve put on the blog. I’m SUPER excited because we have a lot of material that we want to roll out, we’ve just been trying to get everything perfect. Well since perfect may or not happen tonight, we are going to just go for it and use your feedback to make adjustments. 

I made the “dots” with a 3/4 inch circle cutter, you can get these at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and probably most craft stores. I never shop craft stores without a coupon, I think i got this little guy for less than $5, a few years ago. 

How to use the Dominoes

We used Mexican Train dominoes as our templates. The paper dots correspond with the colors of the dots onto dominoes.

-Practice copying the patterns. 

-Reinforce Counting

-Mental Math (your child will associate the color with a number and eventually know the number without even counting, just based on the color)

-Learn the fundamentals of dominoes (we played a short, simple version, we each had 4 dominoes and took turns matching them. We did not assign point value like you would in a real game of dominoes).

Move at your child's pace.

Sonny was not interested the first time I presented this work. But I tried again a week later and he was engaged for almost 30 minutes. This lesson taught me to be more patient and observant of his sensitive periods.

I hope this printable is beneficial for your child, please let me know how it goes!

Here is the domino pattern again.

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