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Books on Tape: the art of listening

Remember as a kid, going to the library and getting a book on tape? The book and cassette were in a sturdy plastic bag hanging on a carousel or rack? Well the days of cassettes are long gone BUT all is not lost.  Your child can still enjoy the independence of “listening” and  “reading” during quiet time. This work is for readers and nonreaders alike.

We accidentally stumbled across this work, when my Son wanted to read “Polar Express” for the millionth time last week. I conveniently ignored the CD accompaniment for various reasons. However, when my son asked to listen to the CD I said, “sure why not”. What a treat! We both enjoyed listening to the story with engaging sound effects. The third time we listened (yes 3 times in a row) I told my son what word to listen for at the end of each page. I told him, “ when you hear this word _____, turn the page”.  Fourth time through, (I wish I was lying) he used his headphones and shouted at me to tell him what words to listen for so he could turn the page.


Since this #followthechild moment, I have downloaded a few more audiobooks that we can listen to together. Since it is Black History month, I chose a few books by Ezra Jack Keats, featuring our beloved “Peter” ( Snowy Day anyone, watch in on Amazon Prime! It’s so good).

Hardback Goggles book from the Library
Screenshot of Libby App reading Goggles by Ezra Jack Keats

Enhance your Storytime

This is a no cost activity, all you need is access to a library. I had never downloaded a book from the library before, but let me tell you it is super easy. This new way of listening revolutionized our story time. What a great way to exercise our sense of hearing. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think.

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