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Are you my mother: Animal Parents – listening activity

Anytime we can use animals in our activities is a win in my book.  My son thoroughly enjoys playing with his animals, they usually end up in an animal wrestling match, and this activity is even appropriate for my daughter. Using The World of Eric Carle Animal Babies, book for our theme, we gathered 10 animals from the story. My daughter (18 months) enjoys pressing the buttons as fast as she can to listen to the animal sounds. At 3 almost 4 years old, my son uses this book to increase his vocabulary. We discuss the baby names for the animals along with how animal parents communicate with their young. He often asks me if animals talk, and I always respond, “they don’t talk like us, but they do communicate.”


Preschool Purpose: Match animal figurines to correct sounds (preschool).

Toddler Purpose: Point to animal (on the page or animal figurine) when hearing the animal name.


This morning we will listen and match animal sound. First let’s read this story and press the buttons for each animal sound. Now I want you to imagine you are one of the animal babies in the story. When you hear your parent call for you will you answer? Close your eyes (you may need to use a blindfold) and listen to the animal call. Which animal baby should respond to that call?


This activity can be repeated with any book about animals. No sound buttons needed. If you and your child can imitate the animal call then try this activity with wide range of animals.

Side Note: Toddlers enjoy listening and imitating animal calls, remember to couple this activity with photos or animal figurines. Your toddler will enjoy this activity time and again.

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