Working Mama

Dear Working Mama

Hey Mama,

Rough week? Hang in there! I know it’s only Tuesday but it might as well be Thursday this is a LONG week! But you know what? You are strong and capable. However, don’t try and do everything by yourself, save yourself a few brain cells. Ask for help, lean on your tribe. You won’t check everything off your to-do list but that’s okay. Prioritize, delegate, be flexible. Some weeks are just….a LOT! Some days, hours, minutes seem to be unbearable, but you are still pushing through! Even when you don’t want to stay in control of your emotions this week, I know it’s tempting to have a tantrum right along with your toddler but resist!! Trust me, if you are both crying then the day just goes down hill at a more rapid speed (that was my life last Friday). Be kind to others, be kind to yourself, be kind to your child who is trying your patience. You can do it mama! WE, can do it mama!Work is crazy busy! I know it is! The dirty dishes out number the clean ones 10-1, and you have been wearing a sports bra for the past 3 days because who has time to do laundry? Keeping up with friends, family, events, and your own sanity has got your head spinning. Sorting through bills, unexpected car issues, and doctors appointments. Grocery lists, coupons, and trying to find money to pay to replace the pair of your sons shoes that mysteriously disappeared (thanks to your hubby). Before you know it, you are exhausted mentally and physically. Some days you even feel isolated in your struggle.

We all have crazy times in our lives. We all have stress, struggles, and random craziness pop up! I know there is always something happening in my life that trows me for a loop. And I would be lying if I said that I always had a good outlook on things because there are certainly days when I’m just…. toast!

It’s not about what happens to us but how we respond to it. I know for me having encouraging Bible verses handy always keeps me from staying down in the dumps. Bible verses keep me grounded, peaceful, rejuvenated, and remind me that life is a struggle, but not as hard of a struggle because I have true peace in my life. Even if the amount of toys thrown across my living room says differently!

So here’s to a great rest of the week! Find small joys throughout these tough days, because they won’t last, before we know it our babies will be adults and we will be wishing for the chaos of our present life.



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