Our Montessori Classroom: a tour of our environment

Welcome to our Montessori Classroom. I hope that this photo tour demonstrates how we learn the Montessori way. I use a small budget, tons of creativity, lending libraries and community resources to create a Montessori environment for my children. 

At the time of these photos my children are 3 years 9 months and 15 months. They both have access to the materials that you see on our shelves. 

There are plastic items and containers in our classroom due to our budget and priority for safety.  Since we have a toddler in our classroom who has already broken a couple items, I have switched out  few items until she is old enough to use them safely. 


Brown Stair, Grimm's Rainbow, Felt Squares
Top Shelf DIY sound cylinders and touch boards.


Metal "plastic" insets, Hole punches, farm nomenclature cards & figures (toddler), magnetic traceable letters, DIY Geometric Cabinet

Science & Nature

Bear environment, Animal Tracks cards, magnifying glass and animal dice, animal furs, Animals, boots, Fall/Winter accessories (practice putting them on)


Sandpaper numbers, Lego and clothespin matching cards, Large number cards, Math stories, clock work

Geography and Culture

Felt World Map, USA map, DIY Continent pouches

Toddler Shelf (15 months)

Knobbed puzzle, stacking rings, Plastic Eggs (places them in the carton), shapes puzzle, Brown Bear felt pieces, Silks (Sarah's Silks)

Practical Life

Threading, Playdoh, Lacing, Pouring w/funnel, silver polishing, stacking (toddler), folding cloth napkins, containers w/lids (toddler), bags w/zippers, snaps, & drawstrings (toddler), mirror for cleaning


Language work stored in 7 colored caddies on the top of our shelves
"f" - ferret, fan, flag

That’s it! I do rotate some materials and the Science/Nature shelf changes completely about every 8 weeks. If you have any questions please leave a comment or send me a message on Instagram – learn_outside_the_box


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