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Meet This Mama: Jessica

Mama’s Make the Future! We are so excited to continue with our mama of the month spotlight. We recently had the chance to have a Q & A Session with an amazing mama named Jessica Tucker! Jessica is a married mama of 3 with a heart of gold. 

Read on to get to know Jessica and learn how she and her family are working super hard to make sure that her oldest son Riley, who has Cerebral Palsy, has all of the supplies, equipment, and accommodations that he needs. Like every mama Jessica is juggling a lot learn about how she manages it all!

Q & A Session with Jessica Tucker

1. What do your kids call you?

Mom and Mommy

2. How many kiddos do you have? 


3. Where do you live and how long have you lived there?

Independence, Missouri. I’ve lived here my whole entire life!

4. What is your favorite thing to do in your city with your kids? 

We love going to the Kansas City Zoo and to Worlds of Fun Amusement Park!

5. What is your favorite Christmas Family Tradition ?

We go to Christmas in the park in Lee’s Summit, MO every year. We also like to drive around neighborhoods and look at all of the beautiful lights.

6. Do your kids believe in Santa Claus?

No way!

7. What is your funniest mama moment?

Right now the thing that makes me laugh the most is that I call my daughter “Baby Girl” all the time, she’s the youngest and the only girl, she has been calling me “Baby Mommy” for the last year or so. It cracks me up because it just makes perfect sense in her little mind 🙂

8. What is your favorite mama quote?

“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm, not to join their chaos”

9. Make-up or bare face?

Make-up?? I barely have time to comb my hair in the mornings!

10. Where is the most relaxing place you have ever been?

When I was in high school I went to church camp in Colarado. One night of camp we went up on the mountain top and had a worship service. It was the most beautiful place, so full of peace and so relaxing. I wish I could go back as an adult who really NEEDS the relaxing now. 🙂

11. We all get the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce. But what would you do if you got a 25 hour day and everyone else had 24 hours? I know right…extra time…mind blown.

Honestly? I would probably sleep! I CAN’T ET ENOUGH! lol

12. Social Media?

  • Twitter 
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat

13. How do you balance having a busy family with 3 kids, a hubby, and finding time for yourself?

My children are all in school now! So after 9 years I finally have time to get things done, and cleaned and relax. So blessed that my husband lets me stay home still. 🙂

14. What is something you wish people would ask parents of children with special needs?

I wish that they would ask us, how we are doing…but really want to know. Parenting in general is hard, but parenting special needs children can be isolating. No one really understands what your day looks like and how trying it can be, so just knowing that someone is there and is a listening ear, and not a doctor 🙂 is very helpful. Also, most of us, our kids aren’t going to get “better”. So ask us, “What is he/she working on?”, “What new activity are you guys doing now?”. Something like that, will give us an opportunity to brag on our kiddo!

15. What is something that you wish people would stop asking parents of children who have special needs? 

I wish they would stop asking a couple of things 🙂

  1.  “What’s wrong with him/her?” The answer is: UMM….NOTHING. They are wonderful. You could phrase it more like, “What is his/her diagnosis?”

      2. ” What can I do for you” It’s such a thoughtful question, and I love the              heart behind it.

But when I’m overwhelmed with doctor appointments or a surgery or something like that, the last thing I can do is think of something for YOU to do to help. Just DO something. Bring a meal….get a gift card to QuickTrip- gas station, or a restaurant. Or give a more specific, “I’d like to bring you guys dinner on Tuesday night, I can drop it on your porch at 5, would that be okay?” Take the deciding off our shoulders. I had a woman offer to come and fold my laundry every Wednesday at 11am when my kids were 2 years, 1 year old, and newborn. It was one of the biggest blessings in my life. 

16. We LOVE your T-shirt fundraiser to help support your oldest son Riley who has cerebral palsy. How can we learn more about your fundraiser and how your family will use the funds to help Riley?

Thank you! The fundraiser is online using (click here) and we designed all sorts of different shirts representing Riley and cerebral palsy awareness. According to the website, if someone buys a shirt, the what they call, “The Campaign” stays open for 21 more days before printing and shipping that batch of shirts. We’ve already had 2 campaigns run and wouldn’t be surprised if another one starts! People are so kind and giving when it comes to our boy. We will use funds for anything and everything Riley needs:

  • Doctor’s Appointments
  • Surgeries
  • Medical Equipment
  • Pediasure
  • Everything like that!

We also are needing to convert our family minivan into a wheelchair accessible van, as Riley grows bigger and harder to lift on our own. We’ve been told that can cost around 30, 000! WOW! So we have a separate account for Riley’s needs. My husband works hard for our family, but everything for Riley is just so expensive that it’s hard to get everything we need, yet still live a “normal” life for our other two kids. We are so grateful for everyone’s support!

17. Having 3 kids is busy! How do you and your hubby like to spend family time together?

We are all about the tickle fights at our house. 🙂 We love going to Worlds of Fun Amusement Park together, we have movie nights every Friday usually. We are all about just being together, as much as we can. 

18. We believe that Mama’s Make The Future. How have you helped to mold the future?

I feel like I am trying very hard to make the next generation more accepting and loving of special needs kids. My two younger children are both typically developing and showing them how everyone is different, everyone has things they struggle with, some people look different BUT THAT’S OKAY! And to be friends with, and be kind to EVERYONE is something we strive for. I have nieces and nephews that are learning too about being inclusive and understanding.

19. How can mama’s learn more about supporting Riley and your family?

Riley has his own Facebook page, Riley Tucker Supporters, and I try to update it when things happen, I am forgetful mom so I don’t always try to post things that are going on with him for sure!

20. If we forgot to ask you something, and you have information you want to share please place it here.

Kindness and a smile can go a long way. 🙂

We are so happy to share this Month’s mama of the month! Jessica has such a great story to share, we love the closeness of her family and the qualities that she is instilling in them!

Make sure you read our previous spotlights and learn about other amazing mama’s doing amazing things. Thanks for reading mama, as always please, like, comment, and share. If you want to be featured or want to nominate a mama to be featured in our monthly spotlight post please email us at we would love to hear from you


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