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Eating Clean: a shopping guide for organic produce

I don’t know about you, but when I am grocery shopping I am in one of two modes. 

  1. Military Mode – because I’m shopping with my kids. I’m running recon in every aisle, (what can be knocked over, grabbed, shattered and tossed by toddlers). I’m all, “eyes forward kids, don’t touch that, keep your hands in the basket, sit down, don’t touch people we don’t know, stop eating food we haven’t paid for, don’t tell me again that you don’t like carrots.”
  2. Vacation Mode – because I don’t have my kids and I leisurely walk up and down every aisle, even the ones that I KNOW I won’t be purchasing anything from, (I’m in the pet food aisle and we don’t even own a pet!)

Keep It Simple

Regardless of if I’m in shopping mode 1 or 2. The biggest pains are leaving the grocery store without something you were supposed to buy OR getting to the grocery store  and not knowing what you are supposed to buy. I find myself in both camps all too often. I also find myself in the “what should I purchase that is organic” camp.

There is limited and I do mean limited, funds for “organic” foods. But I do like to make sure that I buy what I can when I can. With that being said here is the list of foods that are more “important” not sure if that’s the right word, but it is more favorable to buy the foods organically. 

Spend The Extra Money

Dirty Dozen

The title “dirty dozen” is sort of a misnomer. Essentially this produce is important to purchase organically because it is typically in contact with more pesticide/harmful chemicals than other produce. Hence, making this produce “dirty” for you unless purchased organically. 

Save Money, Don't Worry

The following list of produce typically has less contact with pesticide. Generally speaking after a good wash, I don’t feel bad feeding this produce to my family without it being organic. 

Clean Fifteen

Once again bit of a misnomer. Just think of it this way, this produce is clean (I mean you still need to wash it). However it’s not imperative that it be organic.

Go Shopping

Alright, go forth and conquer those produce aisles. Seriously though, whether you get to shop in Mode 1 or Mode 2, I wish you the best of luck and I hope these lists will help you feed your family well.

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