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3 Easy Ways to Save Money During Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is a magical time. Whether you have 6 weeks off or 3 months, it is the most glorious time that you will ever have away from your job.  Maternity leave is better than any vacation, but more exhausting than you can ever imagine. We all know that having a baby is expensive, maternity leave doesn’t have to be. Here are 3 ways you can save money while taking time off work to spend with your new little nugget.

Did you know that it is actually possible to SAVE money while you are off working
bonding with your baby?

Tip #1

This first money saving tip may not be very popular but it can keep you from getting into a lot of trouble. Both financially and with your spouse! My first tip is one that I learned the hard way! It is: Don’t go crazy ordering items on Amazon Prime. Yes! You read that right! I am telling you to clear your cart now haha. 

It can be easy to just click and buy items that you do not need just because you have free time to scroll trough Amazon listings. I had never even subscribed to Amazon Prime until I was on maternity leave! I am not saying to cancel your subscriptions or anything like that. I am just saying don’t let boredom or free time dictate your purchases. Being at home all day with a newborn can make you a little stir crazy (believe me) and I know it is exciting to have that brown package with black and blue tape arrive at your door! But unless it is something you need…..and can actually use, then resist the urge to buy it. Trust me your wallet & hubby will thank me later! 

Tip #2

Cook plenty of meals ahead of time and freeze them before the baby comes. Having something that can easily pop something in the oven will be a game changer on those long exhausting days. My mom bought us tons of costco take and bake meals which came in handy when my husband went back to work. He could easily pack something for lunch and we did not have to worry about spending extra money on his lunches.

Many times family members, friends, and church members will offer to bring you dinner in exchange for a peek and maybe snuggles with your new baby! Listen to me ……that is a totally fair trade! Take the food, shamelessly! Unless it is someone who cannot cook…then politely refuse hahaha. 

Tip #3

Shop cheap… at the dollar store! We found so many items at our neighborhood Dollar Tree that saved us some cash! So funny story my hubby went CRAZY with the hand sani, like two bottles in every room crazy. But I didn’t mind because each bottle was only $1 ! We also found laundry baskets for the babies room, travel size lotion for the diaper bag, and snacks!  If you haven’t explored your neighborhood dollar store maybe now is a great time. 

How did you save…or spend money during your maternity leave? Comment and let us know. And as always thanks for reading, please comment, like & share! 



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