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Meet: Rasheedah

Hey Mama!

We are so excited to have  our FIRST “Mama’s Make the Future: Spotlight Mama of the Month” ! So mama’s if you are looking for a little inspiration and to read about how one mama made a difference in her child’s life and how her group now impacts the lives of others….read on…..


Rasheedah reached out the the Mamahood Sisters about the blog several months ago, she wanted us to feature her group Mommies of Boys (M.O.B.) on our blog to help share her story and inspire other mama’s who may have been in the same situation she was in! We recently had a Q & A session with Rasheedah giving us the opportunity to learn more about her,  M.O.B., her life as a mama!

Have you ever wanted a Mama tribe but didn't know where to start? This mama started her own & wants to inspire other women to do the same!

We truly believe at Mamahood In A Nutshell that asking questions is the key to learning. So we thought it would only be right to ask Rasheedah to share about herself Q & A style! 

Q & A

1. Hey Mama ! What is your name? 

Rasheedah Villarreal

2. What do your kids call you?

Mommy 100%

3. How many kiddos do you have?

4 kids 

4. Where do you live and how long have you lived there?

Kansas City, I went to college in Alabama , but I have lived in KC my entire life!



Rasheedah and her beautiful family

5. What is your favorite thing to do in Kansas City with your kids?

Go to festivals, parks, swimming, and toddler jumping gyms.

6. What is your funniest mama moment?

Due to my breast reduction, I have erected nipples so I use nipple shields. One day I seen my son pulling out my nipple shields off his nipples. Drives my husband crazy but it is so funny.

7. Make-up for Bare face?

A little lip gloss and I’m good to go!

8. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Africa, I want to see the motherland. I want to see where it all started. 

9. Social Media? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat?

Facebook 100%

10. We believe that mama’s make the future. How have you helped mold the future?

I am firm believer that I do not want my children to recovery from their childhood. As a school counselor, I see and hear trauma daily. I understand the stigma of mental illness and I know how it hurts our children. I want to make moms aware of their action by educating them about trauma and exposing their children to exploring their community by making time to be actively engaged in their children lives.

11. What sparked the interest for your group Mommies Of Boys?

I started M.O.B. Mommies of Boys (June 2017) because my husband said he didn’t not want to have anymore children. I have 3 step children who are now 18, 17, and 15 then I have my son who is 2. No one in my circle had small children and I wanted my son to have playmates outside of school to grow up with. Me and a few of my Facebook friends were all pregnant with boys due around the same time late Spring/ Summer of 2016 . We were all first time moms. I asked 3 if they were interested in having a play date. They loved the idea and somehow we added 5 more moms. We have a total of 8 moms and 9 boys (set of twins). We meet once a month either at a mom’s home or in the community. We also have a Facebook group and Groupme chat were we discuss are day to day life. We started mommies date this summer and plan to have one every quarter. On our mom date we got to know each other outside of just being a mom. These ladies started out as associates and now I consider them my friend.


The Members of M.O.B.

12. How do you find time for yourself while being a momboss?

Self care is so important to me. I am blessed with a amazing village. I need or want a break, I have many people to call, especially my retired mom 🙂

13. How do we contact you or learn more about Mommies of Boys?

You can email me at:



If you live in the Kansas City Area and are a Mama to a little boy reach out to Rasheedah! Her mama tribe looks amazing!  We hope to get to meet up with her one day! 

Thanks so much for sharing your world with us Rasheedah!!! 


Thanks for reading mama! I hope that you enjoyed this Mama Spotlight. If you or a mama you know is interested in being featured please email us at !!

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All photos were courtesy of Rasheedah with Mommies of Boys. 


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