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Fun During the Work Week!

It’s almost like a dark cloud comes over our home around 6pm every Sunday evening. It’s our least favorite time of the week because the relaxation, fun, and fellowship of the weekend is over and the hustle and routine of the work week is about to begin. I knew I needed to change my perspective on the way I look at Monday-Friday so I came up with 3 ways that my hubby and I like to enjoy the work week and spend quality time together and with the baby!

I never wanted to be one of those people that lived for the weekend. But more often than not I find myself just waiting for my next day off. When I do this I don’t allow myself to enjoy the present day. There are still precious moments that I can have with my son and husband during the week! I don’t have to wait until Friday to enjoy life!

So I began thinking, how can I make this week different from the past few weeks? How can I get us out of this rut we are in of only living for the weekend?!

3 Ways to Enjoy Monday-Friday when you are a working mama!

1. Plan a Park night.

We don’t have a back yard #apartmentliving so we like to explore parks near our home. Parks are great for a few different reasons:

🌿 Explore nature

🍂 Lots of different playground equipment…besides your typical swings and slides. Our favorite parks have some kind of water feature !

🍃 Walking trails

🍂 Basketball courts are one of my hubby’s favorite, he and Breezy like to run around the court!

2. Eat Dinner Together.

Lots of families eat dinner in front of the TV….including mine! But that is how we catch up with each other ! Breezy doesn’t really pay attention TV so the hubby and I will have a re-run of The Office or That 70s Show playing in the background . We laugh, we talk, and we eat a good homemade meal. It is hands down my favorite part of my day. About once a week we eat at the table but on a typical night we are snuggled up on the couch plates and forked in hand !

3. Be silly !

This one sounds simple but it’s easy to just fall into a routine during the week and get caught up on sticking to a strict dinner time, bath time and bed time. But once a week try and switch things up! Play a new game, have a dance party, or invite some friends over for dessert!

Well mama those are just 3 ways I try and make my work week a little more exciting ! I know it’s hard being away from your little one ALL day long so I hope these ideas give you a little inspiration !

Comment and let me know what you do during the week !!



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