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Picking Strawberries at Local Farm is Fun for Everyone.

Our mother began taking us to pick fresh fruit when we were infants. Her fruit of choice is blueberries. More than 20 years ago I can remember going to The Berry Patch on the 4th of July. We used the blueberries we picked that morning to decorate an American Flag inspired cake. Having our own children inspires us to continue the tradition of picking fruit. We decided that picking strawberries is our “thing” and we’ve gone for 3 consecutive years. With that being said, we made it to the patch this Spring a few days before the fields closed. This accidental plan worked in our favor because we didn’t have to wait in line or fight off any strawberry fiends.

Strawberry Picking
Picking Strawberries

Fortunately for us most of the strawberry fields are less than an hour away. This year, we struck the motherload because my sister found Johnson Farms a mere 20 minutes away. Armed with bug spray, sunscreen, coolers, strollers, and water bottles, we headed for the strawberry patch, or as my son calls it, “The Strawberry Pouch.”

"The Strawberry Pouch"

Picking Strawberries
Picture while picking strawberries

Upon arrival I foolishly set a goal to pick 10 pounds of strawberries. I soon witnessed my goal, crash and sink in the sea of reality. Reality being 5 children, 3 mamas, 2 strollers and 1 wagon in a field of strawberries. Upon realization that I would be lucky if I picked 10 strawberries, I settled to let my 3 year old roam the rows, eat dirty strawberries and eventually play in the “tunnels”.

Wagon and Stroller while picking strawberries

After picking strawberries, the boys enjoyed playing in the tunnels, while we constantly craned our necks and called their names to make sure they weren’t completely lost.

Sidenote:  I think my little guy gets a slight kick out of being lost in a contained area.

We ended our field trip by sharing strawberry lemonade slushes while the boys ran around. Overall Johnson Farms was a low-key, family friendly and enjoyable experience.

Playtime while picking strawberries
Tunnels while picking strawberries

When spring comes knocking at your door, do yourself a favor and answer. Actively experience the season and create memories with your children by picking strawberries or other locally grown produce.

  • Farm and Field were easy to navigate wi/strollers
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Activities for children when they were finished picking
  • Concession stand w/reasonably priced treats
  • Budget friendly price per pound
  • Plenty of shade for patrons

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