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Day Trip: Wonders of Wildlife Natural Museum and Aquarium

We successfuly completed our first day trip with both of the kids! When my husband suggested that we take a trip to the Wonders of Wildlife Natural Museum and Aquarium in Springfield, Missouri, I was hesitant. I checked out the website and the prices and instantly doubted that there was an aquarium in our part of the Midwest that was worth the price of admission ($29.95 for adults). However I am pleased to say that after our visit, I would absolutely go again in a heartbeat. Since our visit I have recommended the aquarium to our family and friends. Not only was it worth the price, it absolutely thrilled our three year old son. He was completely engaged for the 3.5 hours that we were there.

In addition to marine life, the aquarium is home to Brown Bears, a Tarantula and a Bald Eagle. When we saw the Bald Eagle both my husband and I assumed it was mounted. It wasn’t until the eagle moved it’s head, that I realized it was alive. We were equally surprised to see a brown bear, just inches away from where we sat in awe.¬†

This aquarium is well worth your time and money.

Altogether I highly recommend this aquarium because it grants those of us who are landlocked, access to another world.  Additional benefits include: breastfeeding rooms, family restrooms, a small restaurant, concession stand and free re-entry on the same day. Overall this day trip was worth our time and money. Plan to spend a few hours walking through the aquarium. You may walk in expecting to see fish, but you will leave with a new wonder of the world teaming in our waters. 

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