Babies First Trip to the Bookstore

“You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child” —Dr. Seuss

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We walked in and I was instantly met with an overwhelming warm, nostalgic feeling. I can’t remember the last time I spent time in an actual book store! About a month ago, hubby and I took Breezy to Barnes and Noble and it was such a great experience! We slowly walked through each aisle of the children’s section, sharing memories about our favorite books. We quietly chuckled as we perused both new and familiar titles.  Breezy was captivated by the bright pages, sounds, and interactive puppets that the books possessed. And…we even discovered that Barnes and Noble sells toys and many of them were on clearance! Now, we did have a specific book in mind when we arrived, but we ended up picking up some others as well. And now, all of the books have quickly become favorites for our little guy.

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So here’s the rub…The reason behind our shopping trip was to buy a couple of INDESTRUCTIBLES books. Mamas, If you haven’t purchased these destruction proof books for your kiddo, YOU NEED TOO!!!! They ARE amazing! They can get wet, they can’t tear (we tried), heck you can even throw them in the washer! I also love these books because Breezy can chew on them without the risk of choking or digesting something toxic.  And, the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous! We purchased 3 different ones and Breezy has already enjoyed playing with them.

A Book for my brown boy

While Papa and Breezy were playing in the Children’s section, I proceeded to hunt for a few more books. I always make it a point to try and find books that have characters that represent our family. This particular night one book stood out to me! It is titled Baby Loves Gravity, written by Ruth Spiro and Illustrated by Irene Chan, (who we now follow on Instagram). The book features a boy named ‘Baby’ and his dog who learn about the power of gravity through food, fun, and exploration. Y’all, Breezy actually sat still and let me read this book to him! I was shocked because story time in our house usually consists of either me reading as Breezy tries to slap the book out of my hands or Papa trying to read as Breezy falls asleep. So,  this was a very special moment when he sat on my lap for the duration of the book.

I love the book Baby Loves Gravity because it has vibrant illustrations, teaches about science, and the thick cardboard pages are so easy for Breezy to turn without tearing! I’m so excited that Breezy can learn about matter, mass, and experiments from such a fun book that features a little boy whose skin looks like my sons.

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I felt like a kid again walking down the rows of Barnes and Noble. The smell of the books… the quietness….. it was really nice. I was ALSO pleased to find out that Barnes and Noble is Breastfeeding Friendly wooohoooo!!! Plus our Barnes and Noble Membership gave us a discount at checkout and a coupon for BOGO cookies! Our local Barnes and Noble even has story time so hopefully Breezy and I can check it out sometime soon. 

Have you taken your kids to a physical bookstore before? What are you and your kiddos reading right now?

Comment Below and let me know! We are always looking for new books to add to our library! If you enjoyed this post and are interested in how Courtney added TONS of books to her children’s libraries click here.

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