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Chronicles of a Part-Time Working Mama: Week 1

Hey Y’all! So I have some AMAZING news!!! I am officially a part-timer!! I am so blessed and excited to cut my work week hours nearly in half! Good-bye 10 hour shifts! Good-bye rushing around trying to pick up Breezy from daycare and fearing being that “late parent” and hello to snuggles, un-rushed mornings, and long afternoon walks!!!

The first week of my new schedule Breezy and I visited friends, walked two new trails, and started learning how to clap! It has been so refreshing to actually see my baby for more than just a couple of hours a day!

I haven’t written out a full list (shocking I know! Y’all know I love my lists) of all of the activities that I want to begin doing with him but I know for sure these are few I DEFINITELY want us to enjoy:

  • Swimming
  • Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary in Louisburg, KS
  • Zoo in Topeka, KS
  • Shatto Dairy Farm in Osborn, MO
  • Ride the Streetcar in downtown Kansas City
  • Visit the Blueberry patch which is a childhood favorite destination of mine !

Last Friday we attended one of our favorite events…. story time! We even got a couple of free books from the Mid-Continent Public Library Book-Mobile!! The Book-Mobile always attends story time at the American Jazz Museum but we’ve never gone inside! Did you know that Kansas City has 1 of the 4 Book-Mobiles in the entire country!!!


All in all my first week as a part-time working mama was great!

I am so grateful that I have such a hard working and gracious husband who is willing to buckle down and get on a serious budget so that I can stay at home more with our son! We agreed that investing in our son is worth way more than the extra income !

What activities do you love to do with your kiddo?! 

And KC Mama’s where do you normally find yourself on a Tuesday afternoon?! I’m looking for some places to hang!

As always thank you so much for reading our blog!




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