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Can Food Deplete Your Milk Supply?

So a while back I posted a GIANT list of foods that can help boost your breastmilk supply! These foods in the lactation world are referred to as lactogenic foods. If you have been struggling with a low milk supply or if your supply varies from day to day (like so many mama’s including myself) then I really encourage you to check out the list!

Did you know that not only are there foods that can boost your supply there are also foods that can plummet your supply. Unless you are trying to wean your baby you might want to eat these foods in moderation or avoid all together.

Peppermint: Many women use peppermint tea to help dry up their milk. Sucking on peppermint Altoids, peppermints, and drinking peppermint tea can help you quickly decrease the amount of milk you produce.

Chocolate: Ah this is a hard one to avoid! I swear I never craved chocolate as much as I do now! I guess pregnancy really can change taste buds!

Cabbage leaves: Awesome for engorgement! I felt like a cabbage patch doll walking around with cabbage leaves in my bra but it felt SOOO good! BUT limit the time you lay those leaves on your boobs or they can begin drying up your milk.

Caffeinated coffee, tea & pop: I notice a decrease in my supply when I consume caffeine! Plus the beverages in this category are also diuretics and lactating mama’s need as much fluid as possible!

Seasonings such as thyme, sage, parsley & oregano: Don’t panic if you have a sprig of parsley on your plate! But do watch the amount of these spices on your plate.

It is encouraging to see that the list of foods that can decrease your supply is WAY shorter than the list of foods that can help boost your supply! I hope this post is useful to you! Please Like, Share, and Comment!

Many mamas struggle to produce milk! If you have questions reach out to an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) in your area. Many hospitals have breastfeeding support groups that offer awesome information and your OB/GYN office may have a lactation consultant on staff. does not offer any medical advice, prescribe medication or diagnose medical conditions.





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