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Expanding your child’s library

I think we can all agree that literacy is important for children of all ages. Whether you enjoy reading or not, you have probably read a book to your kiddo, made a trip to the library or filled out a reading log for your student. I just wanted to tell you a couple ways that we have collected and expanded our son’s bookshelf over the years.


Books are an investment, my mom still has some books from when we were kids. And I truly love the idea of turning the pages of a children’s books. Even as an adult I can look at a book with great illustrations and get lost in my daydreams.

From chunky board books to chapter books, exposing your child to literacy is a lifelong gift. Yes, technology is an absolutely essential tool in our culture, but do you really want to read your child a story from their iPad, or from an actual book. I’ve read books digitally, and I hate to say it, but it’s not the same as turning the pages of a book.


When you turn the pages of a book, you can see your physical progress, you can dog ear your favorite page and dry the pages with a hair dryer when you drop it in the bathtub (try that with an iPad…).


Start your child’s library before they even arrive. At your baby shower, you can request books instead of cards. Even if you get duplicate books, don’t worry about it. When this happened to us, we the duplicate books in the car, so that Sonny could look at them during car rides. Also some books were so well loved, we were grateful we had a second copy.

If you have a Half Price Books store close to you, I highly recommend perusing through their children’s section. I have purchased several books from these stores, and I have also sold books to them. Their children’s section is well stocked, organized and the employees have always been incredibly helpful. If you ever need books for a certain theme (i.e. my sister’s Peter Pan themed baby shower), check out Half Price Books.

When shopping at one of our city’s large consignment sales, I discovered several tables of books! What a great find, I stocked up on books that were both gently used and several that looked new.

Books Books Books


Check with your local library to see if they have an annual sale. In our area, there is an annual book sale in a local gym. The sheer number of books was overwhelming, there were about 100 tables of books covering all subjects. I probably looked at 5 tables, and got all the books I needed.

Guys, there is no need to break the bank when it comes to expanding your child’s personal library. Work on it over time, and invite others to help contribute to your little library!

Here is a list of the places I have found great books for our Son.


Half Price Books

Birthday Gifts

Baby Shower Gifts

Thrift Store

Used Book Sales

Garage Sales

Consignment Sales


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