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A Giant List of Foods that Boost Breast Milk Supply

Do you ever feel like you just can’t produce enough milk?

We have compiled a list that just might save your milk supply!

Mama’s I know how it feels to struggle to produce breast milk. I feel the pressure every day when I sit down to pump at work and I’m praying I make enough milk to provide my son with at least one fresh bottle for daycare the next day. Thankfully I have a very large freezer stash due to my over-production of breast milk at the beginning. At one point I was producing 60-100 ounces in just 1 day and while I cannot contribute it all to food, some of the items on this list have helped keep my milk supply high. Like most moms my breast milk supply fluctuates, some days I feel like I need to pump every couple of hours and other days I am barely making enough to nurse my son. Returning to work and being away from Breezy for 10+ hours a day has caused a major dip in my supply.  I have tried many things to bring my supply back up and I thought it would be great to share a list of foods that can be helpful during lactation.

Breastfeeding is such a special time for Breezy and I and I am not willing to let our journey end due to minimal milk production. So in addition to drinking tons of water– like 80+ ounces a day I also drink coconut water mixed with Gatorade to stay super hydrated!

You may have heard that staying hydrated is key to producing breastmilk. Did you know that certain foods can affect the amount of milk you make? My favorite food for increasing my milk supply is Oatmeal! I know what you are thinking…gross, it’s so squishy and slimy. But I like oatmeal… and oats = ounces. Check out our Instagram page for ideas on how I like to spruce up my bowl of oats.


Let’s jump into this list so that you can get busy increasing your output!

Giant List of Lactation Boosting Food


Almonds- add to your oatmeal, yogurt, or granola for a yummy crunch

Avocados- yummy slice avocado and place on toast with a little salt and pepper for a delicious breakfast

Asparagus- roast in the oven with a little EVOO (which is also on the list)

Carrots – easy snack

Beets– I’ve honestly never had beets so no tips here

Sweet Potatoes/Yams-  rooty veggies can be combined and tossed with sesame oil (also on list)

Dark Leafy Greens– also a great source of iron

Green beans– throw together a quick green bean casserole for a side dish

Green papaya– tropical and refreshing

Green peppers – I love adding green peppers to breakfast casserole

Peas– I usually do not cook peas but sugar snap peas are super yummy

Dill- do pickles count?

Macadamia Nuts– any excuse to eat white macadamia nut cookies, but you may want to cut out the chocolate as this can hurt your supply

Brown Rice- I like mixing brown rice with quinoa

Barley– You can find a fun side dish to make using these grains

Apricots– add dried apricot to granola for a great snack

Ginger- ginger beer soda is my favorite

Turmeric– has endless uses

Oats- granola or oatmeal or cookies!

Cashews– chocolate cashew milk is my jam…give it a try

Butter/Ghee– anyone a fan of bullet coffee?

Malt– this means Wendy’s frosty’s are now fair game

Fenugreek– a very common and beloved lactation booster

Garlic– also good for fighting off colds

Basil– you cannot beat the taste of fresh basil

Salmon– pair this with the dark leafy greens and brown rice and you have a complete lactogenic boosting meal

Lentils- lentil soup is so yummy 

Chickpeas -such a good dish for this time of year plus they are super hearty and filling

Cumin- I literally put cumin on everything

Fennel – also helps with sinus issues


Well Mama I hope that this helps you in your breastfeeding journey. I know it can be difficult to maintain your milk supply. But just know that fed is best and at some point the journey will come to an end. Some of us will be happy to wean our babies others may be sad, so just remember to soak up all of the moments that you do have.

Please share your favorite lactogenic foods! Check out my article on foods that can deplete your supply as well!




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