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Preschool Activity: Construction Vehicles

Sonny’s current obsession is Construction Vehicles. Following the Montessori mindset, I am doing my best to supply him sufficient information about Construction Vehicles. Whenever your child shows interest in a particular subject or item, it is important to support them in their quest for knowledge. In all honesty sometimes it is very difficult to gather information on certain topics. In some cases, as the parent we are not knowledgable or interested in the same thing as our children so we can often downplay their interest.

When a child is in a “sensitive periods” this is a time for boundless growth. Regardless of my interests  (trust me I have little interest in Construction Vehicles) it is my job to help Sonny learn about Construction Vehicles and what they do.

In my opinion one of the easiest ways to learn about a topic is by reading books. The local library gives me access to thousands of books on innumerable subjects. We make sure to check out both fiction and non fiction books. The photographs in non fiction books helps children make direct connections between the book and real life. We also contrast  non fiction and fiction books. You can discuss illustrations and illustrators versus photographs and photographers.

When I first started looking for books at the library I was slightly intimidated, I mean it had been years since I actually used the Dewey Decimal system. I found the best way to search for books was to look them up at home using the library search catalog. When I got to the library I grabbed the books I’d found online then I let Sonny play. Because when you are the library with a 2 year old and an infant, there is no time to mess around, unless of course you are just there to play in the children’s area, which I am proud to say we do all the time.

Another great thing about library books is that you can check them out for as long as your child is interested in the subject. Children have fleeting interest, what they enjoy one day they may ignore the next, so in my opinion the library is the place to go for special interest books.



Sonny could zoom up and down the hallway all day with his cars and trucks if I would let him. SO when I found these Construction Vehicles at a second hand sale I was super excited.


What a great investment for a couple dollars, I found similar CAT Construction Vehicles on Amazon.

So this grab bag of Construction Vehicles includes:

1. Excavator

2. Wheel Loader

3. Excavator 

4. Backhoe (missing a part)

5. Dump Truck


These mini versions of the Construction Vehicles provide opportunities for Sonny to learn new vocabulary, practice fine and gross motor skills (he runs up and down the hallway while pushing these) and make associations between his “toys” and the real vehicles he sees outside. We’ve put these vehicles to the test in the dirt and mud, we’ve also used them to scoop and haul play doh.

What else can you do with these vehicles? Explore, explore, explore. I included a list of ways we use them in our home.

  • New Vocabulary: backhoe, excavator, scoop, haul, excavate, hard hat, foreman, caution, crane
  • Counting
  • Sorting: which ones have wheels, scoop, haul?
  • During car rides look for Construction Vehicles.



Here are some books to get you started, we’ve poured over the pages time and again.

Dazzling Diggers by Tony Mitton

Little Excavator by Anna Dewdney

Cool Construction Vehicles by Bobbie Kalman

Diggers by Aaron Frisch

Busy Builders Busy Week by Jean Reidy

Mighty Machines Diggers by Derek Zobel

Mighty, Mighty Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker


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  • Jody

    Ah I find the Montessori approach so fascinating and am always looking for inspiration to use with my children. Thank you

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