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Breastmilk Bath & Eczema

Milk Bath for Silky Skin  ​​

A Step-by-Step Guide on How You Can Create a Milk Bath at Home Using Pumped Breast MiIk

I love seeing pictures of babies in beautiful breast milk baths with flowers, plants, or toys floating all around them. Well I finally tried it but not for the picturesque reasons you might think…I wanted to see if my breast milk would help improve Breezy’s skin!

Lately, I’ve been reading tons of articles about the endless benefits of breast milk. I came across several sources that claim breast milk can help soothe eczema and I got to thinking that maybe it would help my son’s patchy dry skin.  Breezy has eczema on his back, neck, elbows and shoulders. He also has very flaky and thick cradle cap.  So after trying a few different creams & lotions without any improvement I thought I would give him a MILK BATH! You read that right! I used my breast milk as a moisturizing agent to help treat Breezy’s pesky skin issues.


A mother’s milk is made up of tons of vitamins, nutrients, water, and fat. One of the key components is Lauric Acid which is a fatty acid that not only softens skin but it has anti-microbial properties making it great for treating cradle cap which some researchers believe is a type of fungus.




Although his eczema is not severe, I wanted to treat it before it worsened. I knew I needed to use something to moisturize Breezy’s skin but I didn’t know what. Avoiding chemicals or medicated creams/shampoos is important to me and a lot of products are filled with unidentifiable components. We try to use natural products in our home and what’s more natural than breast milk?! Once I tried covering his scalp with vaseline at night to help soften the cradle cap but that just turned into a goopy mess and did not yield the results I wanted.



One day, after using a sample of their amazing diaper rash cream, I began looking researching this German brand called Weleda. I discovered that they had a complete baby line including products for dry skin and eczema, so I decided to order the Calendula body cream and try it out. For about two months, I’ve been applying Weleda Calendula Body Cream to his back and elbows and I absolutely love it! It’s thick and forms a protective barrier over his skin and it isn’t too oily or sticky. The scent is a little strong…. but pleasant once you get used to it. Weleda uses fair trade raw ingredients which I love and they have free shipping! I even use it on MY elbows and noticed a huge difference.

Over time we have built caring for his skin care into both our morning and evening routines, I actually look forward to rubbing him down with creams and oils because it gives us time to giggle, make silly faces, and snuggle. The cold winter air has caused his skin to be a little more dryer so I have been applying the calendula cream twice a day, this seems to have kept his skin nice and moisturized. ​​I had toyed around with the idea of a milk bath before, but his eczema recently flared up and I decided to give it a try.


Steps for Creating a Milk Bath

  1. Gather bath supplies: tub/sink, towels, wash cloths (do not use soap)
  2. Fill tub or sink with warm water – use your elbow to check the water and make sure it isn’t too hot or cold
  3. Add room temperature or slightly warmed breast milk to the water
  4. Place your baby in the tub and let them splash around
  5. Run the milky water over their scalp and back
  6. Remove from water and pat babies skin dry
  7. Seal in all of the moisture with oil
  8. Enjoy lots of snuggles with your baby and their super soft skin & repeat as needed.



I added about 10 ounces of milk to his bath water- sans soap, I let him play around in his whale tub and he splashed around with lots of giggles and squeals. I used a baby wash cloth and ran the milky water over his scalp making sure to get in between his curls thoroughly coating his scalp. Instead of rinsing him I simply patted him dry and then sealed in all that silky softness with coconut oil. The next morning Breezy’s skin was super soft and his scalp was significantly less flaky. I am so impressed by the results that I am going to give him a weekly milk bath!




How are you treating your babies skin ? Have you ever given your baby a milk bath because of eczema or any other skin issue?

As always thanks for reading mama and I hope this helps!

-XO Morgan




Disclaimer: we are not affiliated with Weleda. We just enjoy their product and want to share with others. We will not make any money by you clicking on the link to the Weleda site.



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