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Rainy Day Toddler Activities


It’s inevitable in the Midwest, with Autumn comes Rain. Icky, Cold, Rain.


I don’t know about you but I cannot be trapped indoors with nothing to do, and by I, I mean my son. My little man must, I repeat MUST, have something to do or things get crazy. I mean we’re already on the brink of crazy everyday so if we lose the ability to play outside, all I can say is…. IT GETS CRAZY!


I’ve been working on a go to list of things to do on a rainy day so that we can avoid the trip to crazy town.  Everything on this list is free or almost free, with the exception of the money you would need for gas to drive to the locations.


  1. Go to the Library.
  2. Walk at the mall, and play (if your mall has a play area). Take lunch and eat in the food court.
  3. Play with Shaving Cream  – we stock up at the Dollar Store, each can of shaving cream last forever. The nice things is that after you play with shaving cream everything smells so fresh.


Working hard to take off the cap after shaking the shaving cream.


Take this opportunity to describe the shaving cream to each other and ask open ended questions. How does it feel, What does shaving cream remind you of, Can you tell me about the smell, How do you think shaving cream is made, What other things do we spray from a can?


  1. Make puppets (we typically use some paper, start folding, draw some eyes and get our Cookie Monster voice ready to roll).
  2. Play with Play Doh – I always pretend like I’m working in a bakery whenever I play with Play Doh, not sure why, but I do.
  3. Paint (we use watercolors to cut down on the amount of clean up, also we have watercolor paper, it absorbs water better than copy paper, which leads to less clean up… hopefully you are seeing the theme here, I don’t like to clean).
  4. Go to the Nature Center – you may not be able to get out in Nature but you experience Nature indoors.
  5. Washing small toys – use a bowl and a sponge small enough for your child to handle (I cut one of my sponges into fourths), small toys (we used ducks but small cars are his favorite item to wash) and soap dispenser ( I put soap and water into this spray bottle).

  1. Build a tent/fort – My son is just now starting to understand the concept of building a tent/fort and playing inside it instead of enjoying destroying it. If you have one of those calm children that allows you to build the tent, watches with patient excitement and then quietly plays inside the tent then you probably have been building tents for months. I do not have that type of child, I have the child that pulls down each portion of the tent after I have tediously tried to find the books and chairs that we need to make the best tent ever. My child gets much more enjoyment from seeing something destroyed than constructed, but that’s okay, I think this is just a phase. ( I know it’s not a phase, it’s part of his DNA, but I keep telling myself it’s a phase so that I can face another day, LOL).
  2. Take a bath – this may sound silly but it truly is a great way for us to reset the day. Close your eyes and imagine you have a mini indoor swimming pool. Now, open your eyes and wholah, you do have an mini indoor swimming pool it’s called the bath tub. I invite my son to put a million toys in the bathtub with him and he has a blast.


Hopefully this list is enough to get your started. Please a leave us a comment and tell us how you survive rainy or cold days that are spent indoors.


– Courtney

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