National Young Readers Week

Before we get into National Young Readers Week please take a trip with me back to yesteryear.

Does anyone remember BOOK IT? The reading program with Pizza Hut?!?!?!?!

Remember how you would read your books, fill out your reading log and then beg your parents to take you to Pizza Hut so that you could get your personal pan pizza (you could care less that the rest of your family wasn’t going to get a free pizza, what mattered was that you were.)


Ooh the the 90s… scrunchies, troll dolls, Littlest Pet Shop and BOOK IT…..Ok I’m back I just needed that for a moment.


National Young Readers Week – a week to focus and highlight the innumerable benefits of reading to young children. This is a challenge for elementary schools to push reading and get their students signed up for the Book It program. But I am a true believer that what you do at home is what forms your child’s character and interests outside of the home. So let’s have a conversation about reading with and to our children.


Let’s face it, if you aren’t a bookworm, encouraging your child to read can be challenging and that’s totally okay. I enjoy reading but I don’t do it as much as I like. My son has 3 shelves of books but we don’t read a story every night before he goes to bed because to be truthful, I’m just trying to get him in the bed and say prayers before I lose the last two brain cells that I have left (hoping that I will regenerate a few more brain cells before morning).


Reading to my son is a lot like herding cats, things are going everywhere, let me give you an example of story time at our house.


Me: Ok Sonny are you ready to listen?

Sonny: (No answer because he is racing hot wheels on the table).

Me: Sonny, we are going to read this book that you wanted me to read to you.

Sonny: OK.

Me: Steam Train Dream.. Wait what are you doing, I thought you wanted to hear this story, why are you closing the book?

Sonny: No Book!

Me: What? I told you to get the book you wanted to read…where are you going? Are we done reading?


While the above conversation is by no means an exaggeration, it is not a description of every story time, just 40% of them.The other 60% of the time, he really enjoys reading and asking questions throughout the entire story. I try to let him pick most of the stories and I try to keep the books we check out from the library tailored to his current interest:



Fire Trucks

Race Cars

Construction Equipment

Photos of Animals


With that being said, if story time is a struggle at your house don’t give up! Cater to your child’s interests, even if that means reading the same story 4 times in a row.



We specifically went to the library today to look for Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site but someone else had already checked it out, wouldn’t you know. But miracle of miracles during one of my recent late night Target raids I found this book, that will be under the Christmas tree for Sonny in a couple of weeks. If you haven’t read any of Sherry Rinker’s books, do yourself a favor a pick one up today. They language is absolutely engaging for any reader, the bold illustrations invite you to gaze at each page and soak up the action. Remember find books that explore subjects that interest your child(ren). Don’t limit yourself when it comes to literature, ask your librarian to help you search for books if looking on your own is intimidating, trust me your librarian will be thrilled to help you and your family find the books that belong in your home!


Also checkout Books to Bed, a company that provides a super fun way to read your book and wear it too!!!! You read it right, wear your story…now if only they made these for adults!

-ENJOY — Court



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