Our Story

Hey Y’all!

It is Courtney with Prepared Beginnings! We are here to foster your growth in Motherhood! Let me share with you a little bit about the Sisters behind the blog and our inspiration behind Prepared Beginnings.

My sister Morgan and I have always been “creative”. Whether selling homemade chocolate candies, sewing doll clothes or making “spaghetti pizza” we’ve had a knack for creating stuff. We started this blog in 2017 as a way to share how we’re currently using that creativity with our families with young children.

We are small business owners who aspire to have balance within our homes, children who are well educated at home, and enjoy exploring nature. My sister works as a Lactation Consultant  and I’m a stay at home mom aspiring to have a small school one day. We see each other at least 3 days out of the week, usually more. Our kids are constantly in each others faces, we burn food at least once a week and neither of us owns a pet. We usually talk on the phone once a day, sharing the craziest thing we’ve experience in the previous 12 hours. 

Hopefully, Prepared Beginnings (Formally known as Mamahood in a Nutshell) is a place where you can sit down with a cup of sweet tea and laugh at our constant ridiculous failed attempts at being awesome. A place where breastfeeding resources encourage you on your journey. I high five when your kid reads their first word and a hug when the other kiddo poops in the bathtub again…(can I get an AMEN?). A community that uplifts each other through the daily victories, surrenders and battles of motherhood. We are here for your Growth in Motherhood! 

We are constantly working to provide relevant and easy to use guides to thrive in a home with small children. 

Thanks For Following Along Our Journey, 

Courtney Sanders, MSE, Wife, Mother of 2, Home Educator